Immigrating to the United States from Britain, Stewart Raffill holds a British passport for films with international financing requirements. He has filmed in diverse locations including the Caribbean, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, and throughout the United States. A conversation with Stewart will lead you on a trip around the world and will entertain you with his adventures and high-spirited nature.

Stewart Raffill’s films are distributed by MGM/UA, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, New World Pictures, ABC, BBC, HBO, USA, Showtime, Orion, and Netflix.  All of Stewart’s films have ongoing sales and re-releases by major worldwide distributors.



As a writer and director in the genres of Sci-Fi, Family, Action Adventure and Drama, Stewart Raffill's work has won industry awards.

His screenplay for Passenger 57 sparked a bidding war won by Warner Brothers and opened #1 at the box office.


As the writer and director of The New Swiss Family Robinson,  he had another filmmaking success when the film ranked #1 in its time slot for Disney-ABC.


Stewart has just scripted a six-part limited series based on his second mystery-thriller novel, Isabel and Flo.

Stewart Raffill - Guest Speaker at Beyond Fest, Egyptian Theater Hollywood 



“ABC sailed to its highest rating of the season with The New Swiss Family Robinson written and directed by Stewart Raffill.”

Nielsen Stewart Raffill

Stewart has three films on Variety’s "Top 100 Grossing Independent Films" List, with revenue totaling over $60 million.

Variety Stewart Raffill

“EXPERIMENT OPENS WELL. The Philadelphia Experiment from New World Pictures directed by Stewart Raffill has scored impressive initial box-office grosses in simultaneous openings in Germany and Hong Kong."

Stewart Raffill Screen International

The Sea Gypsies is another fine family film from writer-director Stewart Raffill. He is a skillful and imaginative filmmaker. Engaging characters and excellent animal sequences.”

The Hollywood Reporter Stewart Raffill

"Passenger 57 opened number one at the box office and A.C. Nielsen Co. reported it was the top-rated program of the night and finished sixth among the week's 89 prime-time network offerings.”

Los Angeles Times Stewart Raffill


Stewart Raffill Film and TV Highlights


Harry Percy, the 11th Duke of Northumberland, commissioned Stewart to write and direct the action-adventure film Lost in Africa to raise awareness of the conservation needs in Africa. This film was the cornerstone for the launch of the charity TUSK.


Stewart supports the preservation of our wildlife and has filmed grizzly bears, lions, tigers, orangutans, wolves, jaguars, snakes, and elephants in many of his family films.

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Stewart Raffill conservation poem

Harry Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland

Stewart on location in Botswana

Maasai village

Victoria Falls


Syon House


Abu Camp



Stewart has directed a vast genre of films including Sci-Fi, Family, and Action Adventure. His films often include animal action and capture the beauty of the surrounding nature.



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